Public space has become a mythical facet of the urban realm that is widely agreed upon as a necessity but is rarely seen in its truest form. It has become an entity, something quantifiable that is therefore prescriptive in nature and contained or compartmentalised throughout a city. As an object, it is able to marketed, controlled, and privitised to the point where it disappears. Public space is more than the spatial reality that defines its presence, but is the product of a social construct and attitude towards ownership of land.

This project serves as a hyperbole of the current trend of over-privitization of society and therefore public space. It presents a controlled, stratified tower society that competes amogst one another to advance to the top floors and upper echelons of the world they live in. The tower is physically segregated from the public streetscape below that has become degraded after the collapse of the oil industry spun Calgary’s economy into turmoil.